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We created a tool to help you automatically follow people on Project Mushroom who you currently follow on Twitter, as well as send invite links to your friends. Here is a link to the tool: start.projectmushroom.social

The tool is currently only available for the Project Mushroom instance.


  • To use this tool, you must have already created your Project Mushroom account. You need to log in using this account. For help creating an account see Creating an account.

  • You can only follow people on Project Mushroom if they have created an account on Project Mushroom as well. You cannot follow Twitter accounts on Project Mushroom. Also, you cannot follow Mastodon users unless they are on Project Mushroom. If Project Mushroom federates, this final point might change.

  • The tool can only find your Twitter friends if they list their Project Mushroom account in their bio. An account name looks like this: @user@projectmushroom.social . List your Project Mushroom account in your Twitter bio so your Twitter friends can find you.

Finding Twitter friends on Project Mushroom

To follow your Twitter followers on Project Mushroom:

  1. Open the tool here: start.project mushroom.social. If necessary, log in to your Project Mushroom account.

  2. Click Authorize. If necessary, log in to your Twitter account.

  3. When prompted, click Authorize this app. This allows our tool to access your Twitter account and who you follow. If successful, the Build your Network page appears.

  4. Click Find your following. The tool searches who you follow on Twitter and lists any users that are also on Project Mushroom.

  5. Click Follow next to any user you want to follow on Project Mushroom.


  • If the tool doesn’t find any Project Mushroom accounts, it might be that you do not follow anyone who also has a Project Mushroom account or that your friends don’t list their Project Mushroom account in their bio. Follow @Ericholthaus on Twitter and try the tool again. If it finds Eric, then the tool works correctly. Try inviting some friends to Project Mushroom!

  • Refresh the page.

  • The tool works best on a desktop browser.

Inviting friends to Project Mushroom

To invite your friends to Project Mushroom:

  1. Open the tool here: start.projectmushroom.social.

  2. Click Copy Link to copy the invite code.

  3. Share with your friends!

We are trying to create a safe place, so please:

  • Do not share this link publicly and ask your friends to not share it publicly.

  • Only invite people you trust.

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